Sunday, November 27, 2011

'Maru'vellous' - Part 4

Changu pranced too and fro in the corridor, waiting for his turn. It had been almost an hour and he had not been called for the next round of interviews. He feared that Maru would have forgotten about him, decided the final shortlists and packed off leaving him in the lurch. But Changu waited on, unmindful of the fact that there was a royal showdown going on between the 2 heavyweights, Maru & Mohta.

The optimist inside Changu cheered him up. A slight smile came up on his face as he remembered the sequence of events leading up to the CAT, the results, the shortlists, his selection and how his life had come one whole circle.

Yet another flashback , rather a series of flashbacks followed in the same ordered structure as his just-concluded 'case-analysis'.

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