Thursday, July 21, 2011

Words of Wisdom from WIMWI

Amidst all the gloom created by the uninvited quizzes ( 8 of them within a month), assignments and submissions (lost count), there is still a silver lining in the form of our ever enthusiastic & motivating Probability & Stats prof TM.

Here are some of TM's pearls of wisom which I have religiously noted down, besides his assignments, although it is not an exhaustive list:

(Disclaimer: Absolutely no offence meant to anyone. :P)

( Looks at a half-asleep Abhishek on the 1st bench (wat guts!), who has failed to produce his average of 3 CPs (class participations) in one class)
" "Abhishek, hope i m not disturbing you."

(Noticing the eternally confused look on Sumit Somani's face)
" Sumit, is there anything wrong with me." ( thrice today)

(An equally clueless Monalisa)
" Monalisa, Hope you are not getting lost in these symbols. My job is to make your life simpler and not confuse you.

(Catches a girl unawares, almost at her journey to doze off to glory) " Harjyot, are you following me."

( Points to the Excel 2007 sheet on he projector)
" You should thank your stars that you are students of WIMWI, and you are aided by such technology."

" Even intuition needs a lot of intuition." (??)

And The best of the lot so far.......

" Statisticians are hated by a lot of people because they go in deep, stay longer and come out dry."
( A big wave of laughter.. WIMWI students arent discounted from thinking wild)



Wednesday, July 06, 2011


There are occasions when a potentially harmless subject like math is transformed into a monster of Jurassic proportions thanks to a deadly concotion of greek symbols.

Hardcore math lovers would gulp this down with the same ease as a can of coke.

Take a look

And you thought math was just about your mother telling you to keep "3 in the mind" and "4 in the hand" and do the counting.

(I know you are still wondering what the above equation was all about. Brutality)