Thursday, July 21, 2011

Words of Wisdom from WIMWI

Amidst all the gloom created by the uninvited quizzes ( 8 of them within a month), assignments and submissions (lost count), there is still a silver lining in the form of our ever enthusiastic & motivating Probability & Stats prof TM.

Here are some of TM's pearls of wisom which I have religiously noted down, besides his assignments, although it is not an exhaustive list:

(Disclaimer: Absolutely no offence meant to anyone. :P)

( Looks at a half-asleep Abhishek on the 1st bench (wat guts!), who has failed to produce his average of 3 CPs (class participations) in one class)
" "Abhishek, hope i m not disturbing you."

(Noticing the eternally confused look on Sumit Somani's face)
" Sumit, is there anything wrong with me." ( thrice today)

(An equally clueless Monalisa)
" Monalisa, Hope you are not getting lost in these symbols. My job is to make your life simpler and not confuse you.

(Catches a girl unawares, almost at her journey to doze off to glory) " Harjyot, are you following me."

( Points to the Excel 2007 sheet on he projector)
" You should thank your stars that you are students of WIMWI, and you are aided by such technology."

" Even intuition needs a lot of intuition." (??)

And The best of the lot so far.......

" Statisticians are hated by a lot of people because they go in deep, stay longer and come out dry."
( A big wave of laughter.. WIMWI students arent discounted from thinking wild)



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abhgupta said...

This is just the beginning. Keep noting his anecdotes, they'll provide instant relief in the hell-hole that is slot 6..!