Sunday, January 22, 2012

Maru'vellous' - Part6

After about an hour and a half of intense grilling, Mohta and his hordes gave Changu the leave. The interiewers dusted their hands gleefully as if they had invented something new while Changu wiped the beads off his forhead and loosened his tie in disgust  . It was that sort of an interview. Mohta  Co. had taken him to the cleaners and had given him probably the most torrid 90 minutes of his life. Mohta had played the cunning quizmaster while Tandon played the part of the nitpicker to perfection, latching on to every opportunity to counter and corner Changu. Yakku delivered the final knock-out punches by throwing random demoralising quotes in between and pummelling Changu's confidence to pulp.

To add to his woes, Changu had specified "Tea accounts" when asked about his 'long-term' goals. He had also said that his admiration for Maru T extended beyond that for all the girls in class to whom he had written 'juices' in class. The final nail in his coffin was when he had said that he preferred healthy ginger tea to junk like toffees and candies. This had enraged the wily Mohta and the rest was for all to see.

As the battered and bruised Changu walked out, Maru instantly recognized him as the same enthusiastic kid whom he had interviewed earlier tin the day. He had been waiting patiently for Changu and had just stepped out of his room after screwing a few Day-1'ers. He realized that it was the handiwork of his sworn competitor and vowed to get back at him using this god-sent opportunity.

Suddenely the same " Maru T , r u with me?" tone rang, echoing in the corridors, turning all heads towards him. In recen times, it had blasted its way up the popularity charts even surpassing the once famous 'Kolaveri' song.

Without looking at the phone screen, he killed the call with a click. Starbucks had been after him for their India strategy. They had wanted to merge with wtih big McD to form Mac'Bhook'. He was constantly ignoring them for they were one of the reasons he had earned a 'C-' in the SM course a good 2 decades ago at this very same place. And most importantly, the bright future of the company was before his eyes now. He smiled.

'You look tired, paa' said Maru, re-adjusting his lungi and doing the cigarette-flipping act all at once.

' Yes Sir, er...i thought it was an interview for Maru T" a visibly irritated Changu retorted.

' Ok kid, keep your abuses to yourself. I know its extremely pissing off considering what you have been through. It happens.' (Flashback time: Maru remembered the day when he had gleefully promoted Surf in a P & G interview" and escaped getting thrashed by the interviewers. " Small Mistakes like these are common" he reminded himself with a chuckle.)

" I like you. Considering your passion, commitment and the fact that you have worked really hard, I would like to offer you a internship at the Maru T Stall group. If you accept it, then drink this (He poured tea from the kettle into a plastic cup with the Maru T logo).."

Changu took a sip and almost spat into it. But he made an attempt to finish it off.

Maru: (Seeing Changu's reaction) " I know it takes some time to get used to premium quality. But dont wory you will develop a taste for it, slowly but steadily. Now that you have drank my tea, it shows your allegiance to me. The days of allegiance over salt are over. Now its Maru-time! (He then gave a hi-five to Changu who still could believe his luck.)

Changu's penance had finally ended in success