Tuesday, February 07, 2006


A few days back I just indulged into some heavy duty room cleaning activity(Yep, I can see some of you rolling wid laughter.). True enuf, it wasnt short ofa terror operation - dirty linen not sent to laundry for ages, newspapers nbedspreads all over the place, even the wallet was over-saturated wid amillion-zillion visiting cards and micro-sized papers in which I had squeezed ahell lotta contact nos. Just then I came across 3 folded sheets of papers (thatweird grey paper, "environment friendly paper i think). My eyes lit up as Iopened it and saw its contents!

Guess wat it was ? Nothing short of a treasure ,mate! It was 3 pages of CEESAT notes , carefully preserved over 2 years, braving all odds. Can ya believe it! All those days of meticulous note-making sitting onthe first bench in class,aah, my mind just rewinded back to the past!

Here are the contents of the "X" papers.

1. You taak, me taak, why middle taak.

2. You go your way, I my way , I will absent you.

3. In the practical class, 1 is doing and the others are "story"ing.

4. I staff member inside you are taaking. If out member passed by wat he thought.

5. Dont crowd around me, i m invisible.

6. Middle of you stand.

7. How to define this light? Normally from light wat happen?

8. Due to abstractions light intensity reduced.

9. Do you want absent? Otherwise if you are not listening come to forward.

10. You can only be able to visible between 0.3 to 0.7 .

11. Last one of this is this one.

12. 40W bulb is illuminating 8 hours.

13. Light emits many directions.

14. You come to lab, do only lab.

15. Out of the 50 (students he meant) same noise, out of 20 also same noise.

16. In ordinary places Rs 40 means in cities Rs 500 means.

17. 10 windmills means requires 10 acres. So 1 windmill means requires 1 acre .

18. The land post not unstable during soil erosion.

19. In industries we are using higher machines.

20. Get out the lab if not interesting.

21. Go wash face this is not sleeping class.

22. Coming to college taaking, coming to lab taaking, going to hostel taaking,taaking, taaking, 24 hours taaking.

23. R you grandfather? (Didnt get the funda? A boy was asked a question inclass. Took a whole lot of time to stand up . Hence the comment.)

24. The future it will use, now at present no use.

25. We will produce certificates also. (refers to the autoCAD course in CEESAT)

26. 365 days a year, solar energy not availably continuously.

27. I find taaking I put absent.

28. How do come this ethanol? Have you known or not? (sounds ok if u translateit to tamil ,literal meaning.)

29. 5 men absent today, I have put. If you exceed limit I go my way.

30. If any staff member outside , dont make noise. Then wat be theresponsibility of staff member inside.

31. I put 5 or 10 absent, you only suffer.

32. Rainy season also come. Another barrier for lab class.

33. What is the input of the cow?

34. In anaerobic digestion, without using without air.

35. Automatically the bacteria growing will be fixed.

36. How to produce biogas means slurry you can keep in open atmosphere ,water isevaporated and bbecomes solid state.

37. Once the digestion, gas is produced.

38. In the next stage whatever remaining will be produced.

39. You can full emptied the plant.

40. Another 1 identity means if the gas produced it will come up.

41. Because storage of gas, corrosion will be eliminate.

42. First of you can exceed input limit and pressure will be accumulate.

43. 1% of waater means 1% means of cow-dung means this is right proportion.44. Wat happen if I put n kg of cow-dung in biogas plant?

44. The angle of inclination is 30 deg celsius. (solar panels remember?)

45. Any other doubt for regarding this?



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