Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Sometimes you feel uour roomies arn't the only gifted people on earth.As you move outta your room,you come across many people who are unique in theirown ways.
Here is one such person(Though he is not as famous or happening as my roomies).

Many of you might not know him that well.To some of you he may just be a "Hi,Hello," friend.He is sleepy faced and carries a light ponch,that along with a prominent,teddy-bear butt.Grey hair on his head is an indiaction of his wisdom.Some think he is a northie(ghati),some think he is a thambi.He himself isnt surewhich category he belongs to.Basically,a confused guy in life!
One-third of his life is spent cuddled up in his bed in Diamond-6 in totalhibernation, one third indoing R & D on Fredrick Forsyth and LOTR ;and the next one third in slogginghis ass out for his beloved club!Yes,no marks for guessing who it is. Thats Raavan for you!

Raavan's past is as glorious and eventful as the history of modern India.His highness changed 13 schools between 1st and 10th class (that includes 5schools in 5th class).Now,isnt that some achievement!He proved himself as a true prodigy,when he completed 2 C++ projects in class 10.This untill he came to Mumbai,where he did his 11th and 12th.His high flying exploits continued to impress one and all.But he was broughtdown crashing thanks to a failed love affair which reduced him to the plight ofa Devdas.(I wouldnt dare tell you the name of lady love,lest I'll get my asskicked). Anyways, But everything's changed now! Raavan gets the babes(of NIT Trichy)!

Raavan is an epitome of sincerity and regular irregularnesss.When it comes to machine design lectures ,he is a "visiting" student.But,he has cent percent attendance in Physical metallurgy and transferphenomena clases.He floods the prof with queries and doubts until the sir isexhausted.As for C++ classes,he is there in every class just for the sake of correctingthe sir whenever he has gone wrong.He almost always bunks the first (Jayaram's)lecture or comes to the class anddozes of immediately.But ,inevitably,he tops the class in ICE.A fundoo to the core, he is "the" man when it comes to OP-Amps,thermocouples,LVDT's and hi fi instrumentation devices.You name the circuit and its readybefore your eyes within minutes.He "plays" around with IC741's,transistors andpotentiometers, when ICE students struggle to differentiate between them!(earnedspecial acclaim from none other than Jayaram).

And to end it all,he is one guy who has given Subbu (metatopper) nightmares innumerable times.



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