Tuesday, February 07, 2006


He is one real carnivore of sorts!Normally seen prowling in diamond hostel atnighttime.Nothing can escape his wide-opened eyes.He watches and hearsattentively to the different noises.Suddenely,he has spotted his prey.It is alone,unsuspecting creature loitering in the corridors of diamond.Within no timethe predator pounces upon and grabs hold of his juicy prey and in a few minutes the helpless prey is nowhere to be found.
No, this is no "leapord-catching-deer" scene of NGC .But just a small description of the most dangerous creation on earth!That is "giant" for you!He is the big bully,gunda but the king of prod dept!He is the predator.His prey are the prod thambis.He doesnt have cannines orclaws to tear his prey to pieces(His chaat makes up for it.Believe me it is themost effective weapon.).
Unpredictable!That is one word to describe him!Unlike the others,he has no fixed time to wake up.If you try to wake him upearly,he responds with a shove or push (when he is in a half-asleep-half-awakestate).If you wake him up late,you face the music from him.So the best thing todo ,is to maintain a safe distance away from him.
The vicks bottle is to giant,what buttermilk is to krama.Every second momentyou'll see this guy poking his sharp, pinacchio type nose into the vicksbottle,he gets more depth than anyone else.That nose of his,such a prominentpart! Theysay Cleopatra wouldn't have been beautiful if it wasn't for hernose.Giant sounds very much like a bird of prey,with a pointed beak!
When it comes to mugging and cramming notes,he is a class apart.The week beforethe exam is when its worth watching this guy.Slogs it out for 14 hours with justa lunch break in between.Almost, always ends up with a headache,smears hisforehand and long nose with "amrutanjan balm", ties a towel "osama style" andand and ... starts studying again ,of course!!

He loves trying his hand at different things.Things which you wouldnt associatewith giant any day!It was australian open time.No, it was Sania mirza time!I had just come from my lab class ,dead tired,lying on my bed. Suddenely thisguy drops a bombshell
"Hey da,I am seriously thinking of playing tennis again." (oh! stop kidding ok.)
Just couldn't ,couldn't believe my ears. Especially that "again"(He said that asif hey were a "pro" for years.)!A guy, with fat bulging out from each and every part of his body, who has neverspoken about a sport called tennis for one whole sem (or his lifetime)wants tobe a champ at it.
Krama made full use of this god-given opportunity to settle scores with giant.He rebuked him by saying "So, how long will this hobby last ?"
But giant wasnt going to give up easily.He shot at krama " What do you knowabout me? I have a club near my house,where I play tennis very often."(1 doubt:where did the ponch come from?)
I was just about to burst out laughing,but controlled myself inthe nick of the time.I thought "Why not give him a chance? He sounds determined.Miracles do happen!"
For 4 full days, he ate ,drank and slept tennis.He was a regular visitor to thetennis court for the 4 days.He used to give me the description; match by match ,player by player ,their styles and blah blah...Terms liketopspin,forehand,ace(which i thought were very alien to him) were now being usedvery frequently!Then disaster struck!Sania went down fighting to Serena.She became an instanthit.But giant landed himself in deep shit. He renounced the sport(for his owngood).If you ask him why doesnt he play tennis nowadays,he'll say " why tennis?I enjoy playing cricket in diamond hostel.Its fun ,you know."
A classic example of the "grapes are sour" story!isn't it?
His latest obsession is quizzing and crossie solving(nittfest fever after tennisfever).The only difference is that now he is mugging dictionaries also!How many days will it last before it bitesthe dust, god alone knows.
Basically,another addition to the weirdo list.A guy who wants you to be happyand jolly when he is so and expectsyou to wear a sad face when things are bad for him.



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