Saturday, June 25, 2011

WIMWI welcome

Ah..its been an eventful first week at WIMWI. For those of you who are not familiar with the term WIMWI, it stands for "Well-Known Institute of Management in Western India"

Rightly so! There is something about the red-bricked structures on the campus which intimidates you the first time you step into it.
The ramp, the steps, the dorms,the LKP,the neat lawns, the underground gallery etc. all add to it.
It did take a while for the whole aura to digest,the awe to receede (and my open jaw to close). To some extent, it sounded like a scence straight out of the iconic " Alice to Wonderland."

I am part of the Dorm (Dormitory) "7th heaven". Each dorm, comprised of an equal distribution of the fachchas (juniors) and the tuchchas (seniors),has a unique dorm culture associated with it and there is something special about each one of them. And this continues on with each incoming batch.

As I made my way through various registration procedures on Day1, I got a glimpse of the diversity of the 400-odd batch of students. The sense of cut-throat, "I-will-kill-for-anything" competition was palpable right from day1.

We did get more than a taste of the academic rigour which is as deeply associated with WIMWI as pizza with cheese.The case analyses, assignment submissions, surprise quizzes, the x:59:59 deadlines for submissions, x:59:59 deadlines for reaching class etc are part of it.

Numerous magazines,newspaper dailies and popular public perception has voted it as the toughest B-school to get into. But what the stistics dont tell you is that its also the toughest B-school to survive in.

Meanwhile I have discovered, quite early, that a 4-hr sleep here is a real god-send and essential for my 'survival'.