Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Nesting in the algo-rythms of the flutist!

Pearl Hostel is rich in variety to say the least. Not just is it a hostel to all us guys but italso serves as a much loved abode and a favourite defecating ground for wandering cattleherds and the diverse wildlife of NIT Trichy. The belief that you are the lone resident of the room is just an illusion ,'coz it may already be home to someone else .No one knows this better than algo. . Nesting loops is childs play for this celebrated "softy" fundoo and web team guy, But nesting an unknown visitorin his room was something which he wouldnt have expected.

Algo is an enigma in himself. Many a time we are forced to believe that he is a resident ofour wing , rather room 37. We just have to imagine he is there. His room is awell arranged stack room I should say. It stays locked most part of the time,occasionally privileged enough to see him ,maybe just for sleeping ,during thecycles or sem.Most of his time is spent holidaying in Delhi. It was no wonder thatsomeone had observed all this for one whole sem.This creature obviously had wanted to pounceon the slightest of opportunities to make algo's room her home sweet home.
During the fifth sem, algo had become a pied piper of sorts . He wielded the flute with the skill of a pro. His orchestral performance with the flute notonly brought the guys flocking to his room, but there was his secret "admirer" who would occasionally peek in through the window.She loved everything he did. She now made up her mind that if she was to find aroom, algo would be her beloved room mate. Now ,you you must be dead curiousto know who is the "She" I have been referringto all this while. Well, nothing honey, just a goddamn squirrel looking for a nesting location !
Now it so happened that after the sem exams, algo had folded up a bed sheet inhaste and left it in his room.He made sure everything was in place beforelocking the room but committed the cardinal sin of leaving his room windowsopen. His "guest" smelt this as the "now-or-never" god given opportunity to make it her room..It didnt take long for nesting ground to transform to breeding ground. What better than the rolled bed sheet of algo! After a couple of days she had 2 small,cuddly soft, kids, pinkish in colour. Now mummy had the whole room for herself n her children.She had become part n parcel of Pearl.
One fine day, algo realized that its time he came back to college. He quietly unlocked thedoor. Everything was in place. Nice! he thought. The drama was yet to unfold. He found that he had not keptthe bed sheet in place while leaving the room. Just as he picked it up in its crumpled form, the 2babies popped out of it. Algo was mighty terrified to death as if they were hand-grenades . Not knowing whatto do ,he tried to figure out wat the animal was, in the process alerting each n every soul in the wing.
By that time a large crowd had gathered at 37.One of them reasoned out that it was a pup,some more mammal names came up. Awise guy rightly pointed out that it was a baby squirrel. The time was sufficient for mummy whohad realized that the room was no longer safe for her survival to rescue herkids by pouching them in her mouth and depositing them to a safer place. Algo was the talk of the town after the incident.
His room was given the muchcoveted title of "Zoo". That has not prevented algo from being a visitorin his own room.



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