Wednesday, June 21, 2006


"Haan Haan, phod diya" I said for the umpteenth time in reply to repeated queries of how the paper was terribly easy( when was the last time u heard that the papers in meta were mighty herculean?). A sigh of relief was all I could manage after the last of the papers got over!The same old feelin of nostalgia(self evoked)of leaving the college campus for a long 50-odd day holiday,packin my mess, waving goodbye to friends etc marked the day after the exams.
Once I got home I wasted no time in switched "on" my "mumbaiyya" mode . Its amazing (pats himself on the back) how I switch "on" n "off" so quickly whenever the situation or place demands.But one hobby of mine still failed to die, that of loggin on to the site which boasted of "building networks between people" and had a whole gamut of new features namely the scrapbuk(where u get to see the trash which others dump),rating ur friends etc etc (i need not say more, huh?). Now, this 'O' site had become quite a rage among the college junta.
I registered as a member on the 'O' site ("chumma" timepass sake)rather late and as a critic I had to eat my words.It wasnt one of those typical "candy floss" sites which I thought it was, there were tons n tons of many good ol' friends (bichde yaar, jinki shakal bhi main pechaan nahi paayaa).
Thankfully (or unthankfully for some people whom I wouldnt mention) I was jobless while my meta dudes were supposedly doing projects which served well to camouflage their 'O' site hobby.
Heheh.. talkin about joblessness,one person isn't far behind at all!
Apparently, Niv too discovered this 'O' site syndrome rather late. A character that she is, her nickname sounds very much like a popular brand of winter skin-cream(??). Skin Cream,well.. she doesnt need any! She has this "i-m-sweet" aura about her n her petite damsel-like face coupled with a charmin, near-captivating smile could make her a complete "10-on-10" in the eyes of any normal guy. If that ain't enough, her "sleeping beauty" avataar just increases her Drool Quotient(DQ) exponentially. And if you thought she's mere eye-candy, think again! There's more to her. Niv has already laid-out a concrete road-map of what she would be upto in the next few years, (that when most of us cant even decide which shirt to wear for today's 8.30 lecture).
She plans to unleash the Doctor Do-little within her, in good ol' uncle Sam's country thanks to a scholarship. Boy, arent the yankees a lucky lot! Rather, the yankee animals! I have always found it really intriguing how animals are notches above humans when it comes to health(never seen an animal wearing glasses or using a walkin stick have you? ). The galli-ka-kutta drinks puddle water n still remains as fit as me( who takes pains to boil water). Anwways,thats not the point! Niv quite easily proved that she isnt any "munnabhai" who takes the easy route. And nor did she want to bust her backside slogging for huge competetive exams. She had different plans for herself! She chose to be a vet! Brave decision,i thought,as my mind raced back to the "bloody"(pun very much intended) zoology labs in 12th when half a dozen girls used to faint regularly when the heart of the dissected frog popped out like a ping-pong ball!
She's a bigger movie buff than anyone you can ever think of and an even bigger fan of Sophie("da vinci" fame)hehehe!!!! .But lethargy n boredom have taken their toll on her and driven Niv to the depths of ultimate frustration ,courtesy this never-ending vacation. As the days pass by she grows increasingly melodramatic. But her eagerness n curiousity to learn more turns out to be her biggest assset . Whether it's about brushin up her foreign-language knowledge, seekin tips,wanting to know more about football or doing an "alcohol research" for the first time!


P.S: Niv, if u r reading this plz dont get mad! You have achieved the unique distinction of becoming my first female blog character. Infact i did let the cat out of the bag by tellin u this was coming, hehe!!

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