Wednesday, July 12, 2006


It was our 3-credit Economics class.
For a change, I was sitting in one of the front benches and regretted doing so since the lecture turned out to be nothin less than a lullaby marathon as the sir went cats and dogs about marketing. Most of these Eco classes are a concoction of dry,mundane theory and outrageously bad PJ's. I discovered even before the first class, rather adventitously, that this guy has a congenital disease of giving too much fundas, most of them stale ones.

The pick of the chaat lot is here: Read on...

. Snake's definition of good marketing:
"I am a good salesman if I succeed in selling a refrigerator to an eskimo."

"If you do not get good sleep you are suffering from inso-mania (plz dont look
so puzzled , the word is insomnia)."

"After the class gets over,after lunch you go to room for rest , then come back
for lab and go to room for rest again. why? Buckosh (because)body needs rest. It
generates some sorts of hormones and then some sorts of glucose is generated in the body and you become fresh again."

.For a good professional (lol)
" Dream at night, not at sight."

." As an individual, I want a good career. Please note I said career not

." You see, Each person in the organization is working "as" an asset. Please
note ,it is "as" not "ass". Both are different words."

. "Humour is needed in my class otherwise we will walk and talk like zombies(and
shows it with live demo)."

. "A company should work for customer satisfaction and sales growth simultaneously. Like a movie where the hero is fighting the villan and later singing duet with the

.You see, these are the 7 principles of management. Buckosh(Beause) you are the
manger, not damager!

.You see, Everyone wants profit, I dont want to live a life of celibacy.(????)

. A leader should be dynamic, dont confuse with dynamite.

. A country is poor Buckosh it is poor.(so saad, blog sites dont provide emoticons)

. The AIDA priciple is necessary for marketing. Read it carefully, the last
letter is not 'S' it is 'A'.

. A product should be packaged well, Buckosh old wife in new saree will always
be in demand. (His version of "old wine in new bottle.")

. You see, 50 years back americans were telling " Be careful with your food or
Indians will take it." Now they say " be careful with your job, Indians will
take it."



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