Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Boxy(boxer)was my 2ny yr roomie.
He's from B'lore.In recent times times , NIT Trichy(more so Diamond hostel), has been hit by aphenomenon called boxy.It all starts at the break of dawn(it is 7.30 am),justwhen you think that creature is in bed in deep slumber,u will be startled bystrange noises ,coming from the bed.Lo and behold, the beast wakes up with a grunt,a groan and a moan.Then comes the mother of all questions " How cold isthe water da?".Any sensible mortal might just feel that he has got enoughevidence to show to people what is meant by talking in the sleep. But no boxy isn't talking in his sleep.It is his way of asking "So you guys woke up early and finished everything ,while I lie here on my stinky bed "(The use of the word "bed" here is controversial since I havent been able to figure out what that thing actually is).
You may feel that this is the end of it all.But suddenely there is noise.Oh no,its boxy belting out songs.Songs in 3 languages english,hindi and last but not the least kannada.His voice is as pure as silk and the melody is ever-existant.His innovative self comes to the fore when he sings a Hindi song,forgets thewordings halfway and "manufatcures" lyrics.

His commandments:
1)"I never speak without facts?"
This is one of boxy's most treasured and frequently used commandments and hesays it when he finds that he is being cornered by someone who knows more thanhe does and boxy does not want to admit that his knowledge on that particularsubject is "encyclopaedic".It should be interpreted like this " I dont care whether I am right or wrong.Ialways have the last word in every argument.Anything said after that is thestart of an new argument."

2)"So fast aaa?" (punch dialogue)( "fast aaa" as in "hostel aaa" ,"coming aaa" etc as the thambis get theirenglish )One very irritating punchline! Boxy arrives at the mess 5 minutes afteryou,leaves 5 minutes before you (god knows what he manages to eat in so littletime),and when you come to the room, he says his punch dialogue.Incidentally,the doors of the mess are opened by boxy at night at 6.55pm!

3)"I love tasty food". (I hav absoutely no comments on that) This commandment may have been used only a couple of times, but has made a very big impact,in the sense that it has triggered many a stupid argument in the room.

4)"You shouldnt eat too many chocolates.But You should eat chocolates duringexam time.They give more energy"(What cheap Fundaa is that, Dude?) It should be read as" I am too lazy and miserly to go to the snacky to buyeven a chocolate,but if someone offers me one, then no problem".

5)"These mosquitoes are very shameless."( the only thing i can say is "Ek macchar,saalaa ek macchhar, boxy ko _ banaadeta hai". Fill in the blanks .)This is when poor boxy is being absolutely taken apart by theblood thirsty insects ,biting in every part of the body.Once I got up atmidnight and saw boxy armed with a book in his hand ,killing mosquitoes.When I told him that it is useless to do so,he said "Never leave these mosquitoes alive. if you do not kill one , it will produce 1000 more. So kill mosquitoes right now.



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