Thursday, December 15, 2011

Maruvellous - Part5

Changu's series of flashbacks was broken by a call from a member of the scheduling team. " Please follow me" she said as she escorted him to room 906. Changu knocked on the door, hoping to see Maru again. But as the door opened, it was the sly Mohta who was waiting for him instead of Maru. The venue for his interview was supposed to be Room 609 and this small moment of error was going to be very eventful for Changu.

"Hello champ" said Mohta waving his hands like a confused traffic policeman " Come have a seat."

Changu was surprised to see that Mohta was not alone. He had his 2 loyal side-kicks with him, Yakku and 'Tandon.  Both were in their favourite attire, their cargos and pull-overs. Both of then looked grossly overdressed in comparison to Mohta. But they did not mind it. They had got used to each other's ways.

Changu exchanged pleasantries with all of them and shook hands with Tandon and Mohta. Yakku gave him a his trademark 'Yo'( his middle and ring fingers folded and the rest protruding out).

Just as Changu bent down to pick up his fallen pen. Something pricked him hard on the hand and he started bleeding profusely.
"I am really sorry, boy" apologized Yakku. One of his overgrown spikes had touched Changu and had caused injury.

Tandon: (Matter of factly): " Dont worry, it will heal fast. This is nothing. Yesterday he killed a poor cat by mistake."

Mohta: (In no mood for casual talk): " Ok guys, enough of faaat. Lets get down to business. Here, take this kid's CV ( He gave both of them a copy each and proceeded to examine a copy himself).

Yakku: (Almost jumping out of his chair) " Only 9.7 in your undergrad??? You must be joking. This is abysmal. Sounds like a Maru T CV."

Tandon: " No extra-curriculars. And all hobbies/interests are standard. Beta, have you done anything in your life or not.? What a Maru-like CV"  (He read out all hobbies that Changu had mentioned as Changu wore an embarassing look on his face.)

Mohta: (Not liking the mention of Maru T's name)  " Guys, you are in an MCC interview now, ok. Tandon, those were the days. Kids these days. (Shake of the head. Pointing towards Tandon) You know what, Changu? You should be like this guy sitting near me.

Tandon's chest brimmed with pride as Mohta gave him a ego massage.
True, during his days, he was a master at attending PPTs and most of all at devouring pizzas at will, however cold they would be. People mocked at him , but a small thought grew into a bigger plan. He loved food. He had a started off by starting a 'petha' store in Agra with help from MCC.  But he was not satisfied and wanted to diversify and had started his pizza outlets which catered to the PPT requirements of the college. This humble business grew manifold into multiple outlets all over the country. All this because of true passion. He was indebted to this college for providing him with this idea..

In recent times, he and Mohta were the biggest sponsorers for all food stalls in the festivals in the college.

Yakku on the other hand, had a slew of hair saloons offering many unconventional and patented hairdos'. The store was named "Yakku"cellent and commanded a major market. His spikes were the talk of the town.

A gruelling interview session was in the offing and Changu already had beads of sweat on his foreheadie despite the AC being on full blast.


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