Monday, February 27, 2006


Festember,our college cutural fest, was eagerly awaited by most of us with, well.. with mixed emotions I should say. Will it click or not? Even if it clicks ,is it gonna be that interesting to last 3 days? Well there be enuf events to keep us entertained?
"One thing to watch out is the informals," I thought.Dedication proxies blaring out of the "jukeboxes" are always the order of the day whatever be the event,at least in our college.

Then there was this sleepy faced,short guy who with mike in hand,time n again was exhorting the crowds to " chill up", then realized that no one was taking notice. He was quick to change it to "chill out guys". That was not the end of it.
Close to the informals stage, on its left were a few stalls set up.No Not food stalls;they didnt look like either. One stall had empty soft drink bottles. So, they are game stalls, I drew a conclusion.
Not a single soul ventured even close to that area.
Mr short couldnt stand this plight.Again with mike in hand,he started of with " Guys y dont you have a look at the games stalls? They are all for you" (Jhoot boley kauva kaatey).
Then there was a spectaled guy (S-trek)who wanted 5 girls to come on stage to eat the (humble) pie,infact he was begging and pleading " Please I want 5 of you!", "just 5 of you". No response.Then he whittled his demand, " Ok 4 of you please,only 4 yaar". No one budged."just 5 minutes yaar,5 minutes". To no avail. Then he started calling them by their names. Success at last! "Thanks for saving my face" he must have told them at the end of it.
Come festember and everyone's keeping his I-card close to his chest. One small mistake and its taa-taa to your precious,well earned mess bill savings. Personally, I think the crowds werent disappointed by the food stalls. Each of us relishing the food(breakfast,lunch,dinner)as if we do not have to pay for it.Sounds good ,actually, the I-card serves us better than the credit card.You dont need to swipe anywhere. But its less secure though. You dont have a password, just your roll no.
Whatever,basically, it was "Feast"ember for most of us. Anyways, as I was digging into my plate, I got news. Raavan was back in town (from Chennai). So wats the big deal?wasnt he goin to come today morning? I asked. Even then I thought of just meeting him , u know, just formality, when did you come? What the hell were you doing over there?(Too bad you missed 3 days;day 0,day 1,day2 of festember! lol).
Raavan might not know too much about cricket,but he sure knows how to bowl over the 'maidens' big time! He has carved a special place for himself as the pin-up boy of the meta dept.And he goes about his job in a businessman-like manner. Be it his beloved red bag that he carries everywhere or be it his dressing sense,he has propelled himself to the tremendous heights of modern trend-setting. The post of the vice-presi of R-club is just the perfect icing on the cake for him.Well, Raavan was back to form, rejuvenated after his trip to Chennai. Fresh, alive and kickin, he had another guy,a junior from Chennai by his side.They were sittin under a fancy umbrella near the maggi stall. He was workin his magic on a dame. Now for the best epoch-making part It continued for a record 3-4 hours on the trot, mate! With all food stalls around him, he didnt even feel like taking a break, nor did she! The were in their own element, hello can we forget festember for a while? By the way, she too belongs to R-club and she belongs to "scorpion" dept. All I can say is that I n v in the dept are really happy for you Raavan! This really proves that you have come a long way since your Mumbai love debacle,you have got over that unpleasant experience .Thats now firmly behind you and you have moved forward in life thanks to your determination.



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