Sunday, February 19, 2006


Giant is always in the news(rather, in my mails),somewhere and somehow. His topsy-turvy ways are always the talk of the town. True to his nature he will be seen poking his big,fat,hawkishly pointed nose into everything.Completely Undaunted by wat the ordinary junta says about him he always wears the "I-dont-care-a-damn" attitude and the true spirit of a Mumbaikar on his sleeve.Well, if you havent been able to catch up with the man lately, here's a brief account of his latest ventures. Read on..
1. The "Giant" Leap: Giant always makes his presence felt! The grand opening of the swimming pool was just another arena for him to prove that he was the best. Since then it has been an all-giant show, the whole week in the pool.Dressed in a comfortable blue lux undy for a swim suit. Take that! He targeted the pool in which the water was 4 feet high. Wat followed was a simply mind blowin, full fledged dive Olympic style. Just then his eyes fell upon the unsuspecting prey whom he has tormented for ages, the prod thambis!He licked his lips in gusto at their mere sight. The feeling of " Tera kya hoga kaaliyaa?" very much written all over his face. Even water couldn't dampen his bossing qualities. Determined to force himself upon each one of them ,he planted himself in front of them. They were shell- shocked as if they had seen the worst nightmare of their life.They were now shivering top to bottom , no not b'coz the water was cold,but b'coz they froze cold on seeing their doom. Soon there was a sudden wrestle of hands and legs, water flying in all directions,Reason: Giant was trying to keep himself afloat in 4 feet water. Anyone coming in his path would face absolute rout. Giant propelled (rather,tried to) his way and suddenely burst into the ranks of the unassuming learners.No one even dared to go within 1 metre radius of Giant's self created whirlpool.In short, he was playing havoc in the pool and in the process knocked the stuffing outta every person . Me swimming in the other pool just happened to come to the "giant" side.He proudly proclaimed something like this " Yaar, Mujhe swimming aa gayaa thoda". I heartily congratulated him and wished him luck. I had a strange feelin (a glimmer of hope clouded in a barrage of questions). Was this "the thing" Giant was really looking forward to? Was this his final destination? Or would he ditch this new found pastime for something else. Well, for the moment he is my "IAN" Thorpe.(pun very much intended)
Champ"IAN":The entire 3rd year junta is well versed with giant's busy schedule, especially cycle test time. But few know about his gaming abilities. Then comes the ruby CS (Counter Strike)contest,which is just the ideal platform where he can demonstrate his gaming prowess. But Giant doesnt have a system in his room (Not even a Laptop?), Wat does he do? No worry. He always has a way out. He comes to Pearl top floor west wing. Comes knocking at the door of "Anna"(Mr Dependable). Introducing Mr Pras"AnnA". For all who havent heard of "AnnA" much, he is one who has always been recogonized as a potential threat to Giant's growing supremacy in the dept simply b'coz he has withstood the giant deluge with utmost ease and a cool head on his shoulders.This has prevented giant from getting under his skin.With one week to go before the tournament started, giant was back to form shooting men, diffusing bombs, hurling obscenities at his mates if anything went wrong(The F-word being chanted every next second). He ate, drank and slept CS (havent v heard something like this before).Then came the day(I think, even Sandra(???? take a guess) was part of his team). But as bad luck would have it ,he went down fighting gloriously after a fierce battle .But , no he wasnt shattered. He just sees it as another stepping stone to be champ"IAN" .Giant will always be remembered for his immense contribution in the field of CS, in the days to come.



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