Sunday, February 19, 2006


It was mid-June, almost 2 months since the start of the 5th sem. The campus as always was at its teeming best ,geared up for yet another academic year. But things seemed very bleak for the G-mess, which was still in its fledgling status. Unlike all its big brother messes, the gloom of anarchy had descended upon the mess. It was frequently invaded and inhabited by outsiders giving it an impression of a free, roadside motel. They dug into the scrumptious best(lol) offered by the mess leaving the locals (G-messers) fuming. Thus Defaulters almost always "ate into" their pride. Regular warnings just fell on deaf years.The locals thought that the day was not far off when the mess would become common to all other mess people and walk on the road to disaster. Something had to be done. They needed someone with the power to knock the stuffin out of everyone else by his mere presence. Someone who could weild this power like a whip or a weapon(???). Somone who could teach them a befitting lesson(The GURU??).Maybe, A revoultionary of some sort!

Venue: The meta dept
Exact location: Middle row of the boys.
Precise point: Sittin on the 3rd bench in between two blokes Kaly had almost dozed off.Suddenely he was awoken by a sound, "Dey, 14?". It was 9.25 in the morning and our sir Mr "Hai Daa" had performed his customary ritual of chaating(boring) the boys for the first 10 minutes at the start of the lec,(he asked RaaRaa wat was for breakfast) and then went on teaching and "projecting" alternately. In that process he had eaten 5 minutes into gentleman's schedule,which was he thought was pretty ok .Then he had gone up straight to fox who had given him a micro-sized paper for the attendance call."Dey, 14?" he thundered and kaly woke up with a start as if he had been given a shock. He then gave bs a timid smile and continued wat he was good at.
The situation was no good or bad in the lecs to continue.That is kaly for you!His attire consisted of a well ironed full sleeve and Tirupur jeans. An air of innocence about him, he believed that one should be his own wherever he went,but should follow the rules. He sincerely felt that one should eat in only one mess.He was pained to see people try out different mess. People made fun of him, but he took everything in his stride.He couldnt understand why everyone made mockery of him and his anti "corrupt" ways;it gave him a very uneasy feeling.There was everything normal,mild and sober about this chap.

Time: 2200
The octagon (our comp centre) was packed choc-o-block with not a single "system" in view. There were guys who were whiling their time in the net lab, logging on to dating sites, watching unmentionables, playing CS n watching NITTfest videos in the user labs. But sitting in the graphics lab was someone who was just gobbling up php with the efficiency of a programming pro. He finished it,closed the php window shut and moved on to sql and other databases with impeccable speed, nothwithstanding the people around him. No wonder he is called DBKS(database kalyanasundaram).
DBKS has the uncanny knack of spotting opportunities(projects) and finishing them off in a jiffy. He his energetic and punches the keys with the same enthu as a boxer;he loves to learn and knows the each n very "system" inside out.Always loves a fight when it comes to comp-savy stuff. There is no one who could prove a match for DBKS in the field of either s/w or h/w.

Days passed by and kaly and his schedule remained the same.Got up early,attended classes,slept,ate, followed rules, got teased and same old things. Then the day came, while searching for something on the internet he came across something in the name of . The name sounded different.Soon he figured out that the site signalled doom for all mess-defaulters, who broke rules and went to other mess to eat.
Once it happened that 2 "other mess" mallus made their way into the mess on a Sunday afternoon.On contacting the G-mess sources it was found out that they were regular "sunday lunchers" at their mess and something had to be done to stop them. As they had their fill and came out, they were stunned to death on seeing a notice of kranti-kaly on the notice board.It was a warning to all who had bent n broken all the rules in the book.It had the trademark sign of krantikaly, the aruvaall(the sharp knife used for cutting Coconuts) which was soaked and dripped with blood. They froze in their knees and never came near G-mess again.
In the coming days many heads rolled,the good got wat they wanted,rules followers became a happy lot,the G-mess prospered and was back to its prestigious best.krantikaly was worshipped by the mess committee members and locals alike. He became an instant idol.Every junior wanted to become a krantikaly now.But no one knew wat he looked like.
On one fine day, kranti organized a meet. It was attended by the mess committee members.The he made a grand appearance.He had worn a "GAP" T-shirt and 3-4ths. Everyone stood up on seeing him.He came with a projector in hand and started on in his very aggressive and ruthless fashion. He "projected" on the screen the different items which other mess had,the cost and how rich they were. He sounded a clear cut deadline for all outsiders who had even the guts to dream of eating in the G-mess. The future would be even worse for them now. Within 1 week, they better get the hell out of G-mess and change themsleves or change their mess and come to the refuge of G-mess and krantikaly. If neither of the above options was selected, they would meet with the deadliest fate!



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