Monday, August 14, 2006

"Mad for each other"

I guess the Darwinian theory of "survival-of-the-fittest" makes its presence felt everywhere in your daily life,whether you like it or not.
He hehehe ...Read on....
This is the stoy of Dich,papa and kau.

Lux Papa,though,a simple country girl, had this very stubborn-bitchy image
about her which made
her a total turn off for every Y-chromosomed creature in her dept. Everything
from the clothes she wore , the guys she talked (she never talks to females
anyway)to the "lux scandal" which rocked the dept ,raised her "infamous
celebrity" status notches higher, with every passing day. Someone who admired these
developments very secretly was Dich.
Dich was given the coveted title of Dich the Doggie, which only privileged few
in the campus are capable of bagging. As a token of his modesty he had
christened the Coffee Shop dog as dich too. An ardent animal lover, he had a
soft corner for the
cannine species and could be constantly heard saying "Wat a
faithful dog!!" In many a sense, the dog reminded him of the days when he
slogged is backside out to break into the top ranks in the entrance exam to get
into the college,the way he barked and drove out the countless denizens of Pearl hostel who infested his room and troubled him.
This was the same campus where he had met papa,his "figure".
He relived those past moments of how he had "corrected" her,the time they spent
together, in the same class, same bench, same..watever.Group study was always on
the cards. He even took to the "FLAMES" funda to verify whether she was the best
fit for him, by wrtin on the walls of the classrooms. Unmindful of her true
nature,he had built castles n sky-scrapers in
air, about transforming their bond into something substantial.But it wasnt to
be. He discovered to his horror that she was two-timing him. "That is it!!!" he
said. And it stood broken. Dich spent days in tears. OF course, papa was the
least affected as guys swarmed all around her.
2 yrs passed by. Placement season was on. The new-look dich had
blasted his way into MS and topped on all accounts: be it the CG, screwing
the comp(in the name of programmin), his fan following (male n female???). DS was
one of them.DS had accompanied Dich all the way to tinseltown mumbai. Dich
trusted her in every sense and liked her too.their combined pay totalled 2.5
lpm.But dich soon realized that there wasnt that fire that he had experienced when
he was with papa.
Papa's fortunes had just begun to look bright even though she looked a mere
shadow of dich. She got her lucky break in the form of the "OC" profile a few
days after dich. Dich had been on a short holiday to chennai then.
Meanwhile,Kau and his friends(the chennai gumbal) had just reached the station. They spotted a restaurant to get a light dinner before they moved on.As luck would have it,kau bumped into someone really familiar.But he couldnt remember who she was.Girls were never a comfort zone for kau. It was papa! papa too was on her way home and it seemed something much more than coincidence dat they meet this way.

Kau: WAT the SHIT?
papa:(lookin unnerved) i m so sorry.

kau: its ok, boss. so wat u doin her.
papa: doin research on zulu tribes. loosu , i came to eat here.

They sit down in a secluded spot, far away from the others.

papa: I hv seen u somewhere. Rn't u the presi of the "B' club?
kau: Hohohohohho(stifled laughter), Yeah dats me!
papa: wooooow!! I luv dat club so much. can i join it too. I luv drwing n painting.

kau: (feelin amused) All this is CHEAP shit! In a few months from now, i ll be
flyin to the Big apple (shows the sign of a plane flyin with his customary whistle.)
papa: Good, but for dat u need a visa first.

kau: PATHETIC! i thought i needed an air ticket. SCREWWWEED! anyways, What will
u do?
papa: Me will go to Singapore. marriage n stuff, u know.

kau: (whistles, runs his hand through his hair.) CHAMP!!

kau: will u come to US if u get a chance?
papa: Yes i want to daa, but how will I?

kau: Thats so simple! Mug the entire-wordlist, revise it 3 times.All this should
take only 3 weeks. Then give 10 complan tests. dat will take one week. everything over. last day give the exam.and then apply for univ. Damn Simple!!

papa: (by now floored n charmed by kau's knowledge):wow! And wat is dat "Hotel" test ?

kau: "WAT? its not hotel, its TOEFL. I ll give it this month."
papa: "ya watever. You know so much." (smiles flirtatiously)

kau:" Disgusting! In this mock CAT, a girl topped in ourcollege. WAT a SHAME!
papa:(looks amazed n confused,all at once n looks at kau as if he is talkin swahili)

papa: U on "chirkut" or wat?
kau: Ya, i m ther!

papa: So, wont u give a job-treat to a girl sittin with u,huh?
kau: : Sure! (pulls out n checks his wallet, in case..).

The talk went on, numbers exchanged.

papa: Thanks for such a lovely treat. by the way, dont you think your club needs a first lady,right? I m be of help.(Winks)

Kau: I leave 'no leaf' unturned,when it comes to feminine pulchritude.I detest
the adherence to archaic tradition in the club.

The chennai gumbal was left speechless as they saw the "figure" being
"corrected" by kau in the space of minutes.

Dich heard the news and is still in mourning.




Krishnan said...

Wow maan vichu!! Your style and comedy just beat me!! Great post da :) Great creativity & imagination :) Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

god-level article... you must seriously consider switching careers...

Abhay said...

great writing dude...

Anonymous said...

hilarious :)