Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Words of Wisdom"

Things you shouldnt forget!

Brush Daily- So that you may live.

Bathe daily- so that others may live

For heaven's sake , please dont forget to zip up your pants! Just imagine, if you were on stage to give a speech to an audience of a thousand and your pant stays unzipped, you'll be the town's new clown.

Greet someone only if you really want to do it otherwise it sounds pretty artificial .

Dont wear a sad face unless something really catastrophic has happened! Have a smile ready on your face, it reflects your personality.

Dont smile or laugh for everything, people will feel absolutely sure that you are a lunatic!

Dont get Angry(this is the toughest part). If you are , by any chance, breathing fire :

go to a secluded place or the bathroom and vent your frustration on the mirror (like using the sacred F-word). count 1 to 1000 (dont cheat ok). Take 3 deep breaths (as in yoga)Talking to urself in front of the mirror wont help a bit, build up conversation even with the most reticent of guys by picking up something common between you two.

Dont give a person an impression that you are being friends with him/her just for getting your work done. Wrong attitude!!

Never stay idle! indulge urself into any goddamn activity. So wat if you arent as good as Dan Brown? Doesnt stop you from blogging ,does it?

Dont take anyone for granted, he/she may be the last straw to clutch, if at all you were in danger.

Dont hesitate to ask questions for fear that people may brand you as dumb or the question is too trivial. The fact that you have asked the question obviously means that you wanna know more than others do.

Presentation(both work and looks) is of utmost importance. Get over ur clumsiness, right now! Remember, Good looking ppl are less in vogue than well-dressed people.

Dont talk too much, mouth cancer found a new way to attack you!

And finally, whatever you do, just Be cool and composed. If you feel you are stressed out, start blogging like I do(it sure is a reliever, tried n tested).

Luv n regards


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