Tuesday, February 07, 2006


He is one of THE most dynamic personalities of Diamond hostel.
He is seemingly the best thing that has ever happened to "Balls"(What say you?)
People call him a fundoo.But there is more to him than the "fundoo" image.
Sometimes you feel he is an intellectual (when he talks sense that is),sometimes you feel he is a cricket expert sitting with the elite panel of ESPN-Star sports(if you have obsereved him in the tv room),sometimes a brat (I'll come to that later) or a just a "pain".I call him the Godfather of ece dept.You will find this guy everywhere .Whether its a quiz,"Diamond" cricket, a football match in the tv room, u just name it and he is there!
His ability to piss of people so easily never ceases to amaze me.Nevertheless, he is completely unapologetic about anything he does,may it end upin success or failure.

He will treat you with utter disdain if your english does not match his shakespearan stuff.And to make matters worse his beta(a big fat nut and a complete mismatch) doesnt know much of the language.Poor fellow, had to face the music when he did not know what the hell was a "bouncer", what is the meaning of "pre-cursor",what is meant by "breaking into a cold sweat".The gruelling session continued on and on for about an hour with flip flop asking "trivia" on ...believe-it-or-not "Cold War", Its causes and blah , blah...Thats what the juniors coming to D-43 are subjected to.No, these are not quizzing or WTGW sessions but they are flip-flop ragging sessions.After the end of the session FF thundered,"What the shit? you cant even speak proper english.What are going to do for placement? I m not paying for your freshie.I havent met any of you.Is that ok with you?"
FF may bullshit 24-7.But one quality of his that really stands out is his "no-nonsense(??)" attitude. He will measure and question you on each and every word you speak("What the shit,man?", "No way, It cant be","How do you know?") .But he expects you to believe his bull without you speaking a word.If you do try to question him, be prepared to face a wild backlash.
He is a a champ at "Diamond" cricket played in the corridors,he being one of its propreitors.Since its inception a few months ago, the popularity of the sport has grown by leaps and bounds.The fact that even boxy,krama and giant have come out of the room and played the sport speaks volumes about the interest it has generated in the hostel.All becoz of the enthu shown by one man.FF!Diamond cricket runs in his blood.The shouts and incessant cries of appeal are much more pronounced when this guy is part of the game.But,if at all he is given out ,there is that loud exclamation"What the shit?", he behaves like a spoilt brat in school,throws the bat with a thud and walks out furiously.Packed with aggression and ferocity,he is an intimidating sight for any batsman.
Whenever he is around ,activity is always assured.No one can miss his outbursts in the tv room while he is watching a football match or a Grand Prix(Hello, is he really interested?).He will gun for Schumi's debacle or Fisichella's triumph even as most people read next day's newspapers for the final winner of the GP.He will bet on each n everything thing that goes on during the match("Arsenal are going to lose, SURE SHOT,I bet!").When he says such words,they remain said!Most of these bets involve his NRI roomie who is also a football-freak. A goal scored or a superb save and he is a step away from removing his shirt and "dancing in the isles".
If by chance you are watching a cricket match in the tv room, you would be better off putting it in "mute" mode and listening to Flip flop's commentary instead.You will get more than what you need on why "The pitch is not playing true to its nature" or "Why the hell is he having a deep-square leg?"
Things that really turn of this chap: Aamir Sohail-Sanjay Manjarekar commentary("What the shit,man? Who made him a commentator?"),
The tv commercials that come in between(especially the one in which the the child in the womb becomes a boy and the boy transforms into a man the next second.He calls it the "Senti" ad.)
Some of FF's very common exclamations:

"Oh, flip!"
The mother of all exclamations! As you have very rightly guessed, the name flip flop finds its origins here.Please note that the word flip is used by him in place of f**k(But now-a-days he uses the F-word very frequently thanks to the influence of his NRI roomie/s.)I first heard him say that, when he was playing Table tennis in Agate and me found it quite amusing,'coz I had not heard of anything of that sort before.Me did not know him that well then.But the way he was going Hammer-n-tongs at his opponent,led me to believe that he was a pro at it until he hit the ball wide of the board and let out a blood-curdling cry "Oh, flip?",which shook the whole of Agate.He cursed himself for the next few minutes("How can you do it man?"), tore his hair in frustration.Very very amusing, I thought.Later I had the privilege of meeting him in a "ghaati" meeting,(Thats where I came to know he was from mumbai.)Whatever the result of the match was,the TT board had to bear the brunt of his fury every time he played a wrong shot.
"What the shit?"This exclamation will be heard every alternate second if you live in his wing of Diamond hostel.Mostly an expression or dislay of disbelief.It is occasionally followed by a "Disgusting", sometimes a "Pathetic" or a "How can it be possible?"(Depending upon his mood).
For a change why not try telling him (with a very serious face) that ecedept has sundays as working days.Note his reaction!.

"We are scrrrrewwed?"(Note the stress in "screwed".)Often used when talking to the bigwigs of his dept like our very own krama.

On the whole, a very colorful and happening person to have in your midst.

Trivia:How many times have I used "What the shit?" in this mail?



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