Saturday, May 28, 2011

Final Goodbyes!

I woke up today, like most days at 7:00 am. Nothing unusual about it . The sun still rose from the east. I hurriedly took a shave & bath and fished for my I-card in the populated drawer. And then it struck me

"What am I searching for. Its all over !
Its official now ! I am finally jobless all over again."

It was a truly emotional farewell at M&M on the penultimate as well as the final day yesterday (besides the sad part of not being on the payroll of M&M anymore).

The exit-HR interview & final clearances involving signatures at 20 places were done with (It really tells you how big an organization like M&M is).

I had my last snack at the 4*4 cafe, with the last swipe of my I-card.
I surrendered my card to the P&IR personnel, quite reluctantly. Not that I wanted to have a bite at another Dahi-puri, but it was a part n parcel of my pocket and my identity for the past 4 yrs.

Wherever I went, the card had the power to evoke awe among the general junta. Such was its power!

I sent my farewell mails to the entire fraternity of CDMM, sourcing, designers, quality, production I was involved with within M&M and my suppliers too.
People were glad that that the farewell mail was something they could relate too even though it was a tad too long.(Some even confessed to have slept while reading half-way.)

Lots of phone-calls, tons of handshakes, hugs, goodbye messages, loads of advice from the seniors, promises to keep in touch till the last - marked the day.

Giving the farewell speech on both days was tough. There was so much to talk yet so little came out.
We relieved the fine moments, the leg-pulling, the regrets, the fun @ work part, the getaways, the treks, etc.

I was overwhelmed by the occasion..the big lump in the throat had grown football size (No, not thyroid deficiency! An intense surge of moments & memories of the past 4 year made it so.)

M&M, being my first employer, the M&M hangover will take some time to fade away.

Till then I will have to get accustomed to the fact that I am no longer on any company's payroll. So no easy cash.

So I guess, its no longer the "Mahi"-way anymore.

My best wishes to all who helped me in this journey. You have been wonderful.

All the very best.

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