Monday, August 14, 2006

Placement sentiment-1

Hardly a month into the placement season as people all around me get their choicest companies and I go about blogging endlessly. The first of the tech co's for meta was TM and it was the first 'kela' that I got.
The TM debacle wasnt to much of a setback for me!Jobless and unemployed I always was and have no qualms about it even now! Nevertheless,the aftermath witnessed some shocked expressions from the junta,most of whom thought TM was a total cakewalk for me. But alas,they were treated to the biggest disappointment of all times( second only to Germany's unceremonious exit from the WC semifinals.).
Our placements kicked off, the most conventional way (the way its been going on in our college from time immemorial! Two software giants,bulk recuiters,( whose abbrev letters can be subjected to permutation and combination to obtain each others' names), coming back to back! But surprise surprise! All dreams of "bulk" evaporated once the HR and Tech interviews results came! Only 50 were thru (yes 50 thru, and we dont call it bulk, dats our college!). Was this the sign of things to come! There was widespread panic among the "softy" junta who had nursed high hopes till then! News spread rife that our college was no longer on the "favoured" list and that others had caught up with us!
The same week heralded the entry of the most expensive tech recruiter of the non-circuit branches till then(at least for our dept). TM was and is always the talk of the town! But alas they flattered to decieve, if the ppt was anything to go by. The 2 dudes, one a grand ol' man of 60(isnt that the retirement age??) something and the other man a tad younger to him, made their way in to the barn. The ppt was supposed to give an insight into wat the company is all about and y the hell shuld u be part of it. Instead, in half n hour's time, the whole junta was subjected to a series of mindless figures of thousands, various allowances,added benefits,PPF percentages n what not's. The audience was left in a daze as if they had just been treated to the first quarterly returns for FY-2006-07 of TM. Honestly, till then I had only seen such pictures on CNBC India where they talk about turnovers, gross profits, post-tax profits, F&O's and stuff! The young dude seemed to like our campus, because there was (supposedly) a lot of greenery in some areas (the trees must have grown overnight i guess). He compared the campus to their manufacturing facility which also had "big plants" (???..hehehe).Wat still remained a mystery was their profile- marketing or manufacturing?
The written test was held the same day in our net-lab, an online one it was!The same 2 dudes were there as well! The ol' fella was constantly saying something tothe tune of " Attempt every Q. There is no negative("no negative marking" emphasized, bold, capitalized,Italic ...) marking. As if he was endorsing the "matka-maaro"(guessing) thing that we fear doing in tests, due to the negative marking penalty axe on our head! Nevertheless it was a testing one and 6 of us got thru from our dept.
GD was the next round and the all shortlisted candidates were present at the t &p . There were 7 in my group and we were supposed to speak on globalisation! Normally one would smell a fish-market in most gd's here, but today was different! Everything was so amicably done.5 minutes of puttting ur thoughts down and the 15 minutes of talk! I cut loose and blabbered incesantly for a full 2 minutes in my initial burst much to the chagrin of my fellow gd mates who probably must have harboured thoughts of plastering my mouth.Then others got a chance, while I chipped in between,occasionally building on what the others said.
I was one of the 20 gd shortlists. I was the penultimate interview candidate and this wasnt a very encouraging sign at all.The ones who went in before, on an average had interviews which lasted 10 mnutes approx,which were"coolkaal"! My turn came at 7.40 pm, my stomach grumbled harder for food ! "But job u need more than food ", i said to pacify it momentarily!
There were 3 dudes now! The 3rd one had apparently flown in the previous day evening (I overheard their loud phone convo, during the online test.).

To be continued......



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