Tuesday, February 07, 2006


kaly is the self acknowledged man of the masses. Heads bow down in unison, caps come off and people are off their seats as he ploughs his way through the crowds.The very mention of his name leaves his foes gasping. With each sem his popularity is on the rise; so much so that numerous titles have been conferred upon him by the "Pearl"ites.Here are some of them.

A word of caution though:Please read it at your own risk!

.kaly- meaning the invincible, needs no introduction

.proxy-kaly - The first n foremost title given to him by his G-section mates. At the start of the sem, his prowess wasnt known to many, until he set of on his fearless proxy spree , breaking all records. A class of 30 odd would be made to look like 60, if kaly was part of it.This was the first n foremost step in what would go on to become a glorious chapter.

kraanti-kaly - derived from the word " kraantiKaari" which means revolutionary in Hindi. His transformation of the G-mess from a messy, menu-poor kitchen to the most sought after eating joint in the NITT campus was nothing short of a revolution. He singlehandedly wiped out the entire mess committee, concentrated the rein of power in his hands, enforced his laws, reinforced the menu, threw out the northies dining in his mess, thus making it the most powerful mess on the NITT map. His Nazist attitude won him accolades from all quarters.

Ghaati-kaly- The only ghaati(mumbaikar) whom we know is kaly. His love for the city brought him to mumbai from miles away to do something which he called "a project". Since then he has made it big here. He owes everything to this city whose "salt he has eaten." He knows each n every gully n corner of the city with perfection.

Don Kalyan (D or Nayagan) - As in Don Corleone of "Godfather" fame. Another fiery,feared and brutal avataar of kaly. Also known to many as D. The head-honcho of the Dgang(lol), the most powerful gang in town. His operations spread all over the city. A simple nod of the head or a flip of the finger could spell doom for thousands and strike terror in the hearts of his enemies.He uses his force smartly with great skill n tact. He is a robin hood of sorts who cannot stand poverty or crime against people especially those coming to him for help. No one coming to him goes disappointed .

Bob-kaly- The wackier n party cool version of kaly. He is found in an attire consisting of Tirupur jeans n "No body "(??) T-shirt. Brimming with enthu n energy,he is the role model for the modern youth. Loves living life to the fullest.

Cat-kaly - For fighting a cat out of his room

DBKS- Acronym for DataBase KalyanaSundaram. he is the new buzzword in the "softy" circles. Knows the insides n outsides of everything in comps ,right till the last molecule. Writes a humoungous number of codes such that the computer comes to life n starts talking. He has a hand in every project till now and has published numerous papers. Currently got his hands full ,downloading Visual Basic from the net.

Kalyanasundaram or Kalyan - meaning marriage (also the name of a railway station near mumbai). A laid back character who is married to destiny. Inmate of room 38, Pearl hostel. He is a member of the renowned meta department and the co-treasurer of Mettle. His achievements inclde being a member of the snacks committee in mettle , disciplinary member in festember and treasurer of mettle.



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Anonymous said...

Hi vishwesh...thanks 4 a good explanation about my dear friend kalyanam.....

Iam Ramesh kumar who is his schoolmate...now doing III year EEE in Gce, Tirunelveli.