Sunday, February 26, 2017

3 years with Srut

It was a good, lazy afternoon. Shruti seemed to be in a thoughtful mood. No, not that being thoughtful is something new to her.
Having spent 3 years with her, I knew that it was just the proverbial lull before the storm.

And as I was just decoding her silence, came the expected " Vishy, I was just thinking.."

"Bingo!" I gave myself a mental pat on the back as if I had won India's its Olympic gold.
I took pride in the the fact that very few hubbies could boast of sharing such telepathic compatibility with their better halves.

Only till the point to know that she was upto something in her mind! Nothing more than that.

"Hmm.." I replied as if granting her permission her to continue further (not that she needed it, she would have continued anyway).

" I was thinking we should do something for our anniversary".

I listened further with intent without interrupting her, for the options which would be spelt out shortly.

" Maybe go shopping and have a dinner out"
" We can also go to a movie followed by lunch at Taj"
" We can try out the new restaurant at Jubilee Hills"
" We can go have breakfast at X at Banjara Hills followed by lunch at the Mexican place Y at Hitech and can order something for dinner"

As the options poured in, with each succeeding option, the focus on eating out progressively went up.
And why not? She being a Hyderabadi, her gastronomic desires were on par with any in the city.

Just then it clicked on why not have a quiz with options to let her know herself better by picking the right alternative, to mark our 3rd anniversary.
Here it is.

1. Top among Shruti's needs is
- Good food
- Good uninterrupted sleep of a minimum of 10 hours a day
- Nallakunta

2. What is the first thing that Shruti does early in the morning?
- Sneezes her nose out in multiples of 4
- Checks her FB account for updates on celebrity hook-ups, break-ups and other general awareness issues
- Opens her eyes, notes that it is still not early enough, shouts of instructions to cook, closes eyes, pulls over her comforter, dozes off

3. Shruti's idea of a perfect day is
- Reaching the station in time for the 8:15 am train
- The cook listening to her and getting the upma first time right
- The day when the sun rises at 9 am and sets at 6 pm.
-  Planning for the days ahead and making plans for preserving the plans.

4. Shruti's favourite pastime is
-  Wet-wiping the already clean table so that she gets a good night's sleep
-  Unfolding, refolding towels perfectly to exact sizes so that no extra cloth peeks out of the shelf
-  Making a color code for wiping cloths, tiffin bags etc.
-  Designing a seating arrangement on who gets to sit on which of the table chairs

5. Shruti's often used line is
-  "Kya hain ki", "Kai ki"
-  " I was just thinking"
-  "We need to talk"
-  "Bas bundle maar raa"
-  "Naa peru Shruti andi"
-  No talk. only rolling of the eyes for the effect.

6. When Shruti says " We need to talk", It means
-  You may want to check your bathroom. You have not flushed properly or probably bathroom's wet.
-  You have not put on the bed-sheets & pillow covers the right way (her way)
-  You have not sat on your designated table chair as per her seat arrangement exercise.
-  You have arranged the plates in the cooking utensils/pans section of the kitchen

7. Shruti gets angry when
-  The food arrives late
-  Lesser mortals do not understand the essence of her planning & micro-planning
-  You might have done something you dint know should not have been done which could have been done differently or best not done at all in the first place


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